Red Tree Featured Reader – Louis Stevenson

Louis Barrett Stevenson is the featured reader at the Red Tree reading series, Sunday, April 28th, 2019, at the Abbey, 2689 Penrith Avenue, Cumberland, B.C. Join us for open mic, starting at 7pm. Suggested donation, $5.00. No one turned away for lack of funds!

Born in Whitehorse, raised across Canada, son of Cree woman and English/Norwegian Canadian soldier, educated at various colleges and universities in BC, Louis has worked in Australia, China and many logging camps in BC. His teachers include Barry McKinnon, Robin Skelton, Steve Jones, Marilyn Bowering, Frank Moher, and David Suzuki. He says he didn’t always do well, but the teachers were very good.

He has been heavily influenced by the classics in China, and by the people of China. He likes play jazz and Irish traditional music. Peace; Amituofo. He is a practicing Ch’an Buddhist and meditates daily. Louis now lives in Cumberland and is retired, although he has recently become the head gardener for the well known Irish musician, Peter Gilmore.  He has some great new work about how some of his best friends are poachers, his memories of China and the travesty of the herring fishery.

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