Workshop Descriptions

Workshops run on Saturday October 5th from 1-3 pm.  All workshops are $25.  Space is limited. Please register early by purchasing your workshop ticket through our ticket sales link.

Meaghan Cursons & Lawrence Cooper, Poet Laureate for the Comox Valley.

Poems for Cumberland – Stitching Together Altered Landscapes

A Village and Forest Walking Tour

Explore the altered landscapes, dark corners, story sparks and beautiful sadness of Cumberland’s natural and built landscape. Join Meaghan Cursons, local story teller, historian, naturalist and long time Village resident for a walking tour of the historic Village and adjacent forest. Our guest poet Lawrence Cooper will lead short breakout writing sessions interspersed throughout the tour to inspire poetry grounded in the history and geography of Cumberland. This is predominantly a walking tour with a small writing component. Please bring a pen and notebook.

Jordan Abel

 Decolonizing  Artistic Expression 

In this workshop, we will be focusing on decolonizing text and problem-based performance practices. Participants will be invited to imagine how they might investigate, subvert, and examine their own writing in a de-colonial context, and also how they can move their writing/art into a performance setting. This workshop will be accompanied by a short introduction to my artistic practice.

Matt Rader

Line Drawing: What is a poetic line? What does a line of poetry connect or cross? “A single line is a naked thing,” writes Robert Hass. “It is both light and heavy. It is, obviously, the basic unit of all lyric forms.” In this experiential workshop, participants will play with the poetic line to activate its many geometries, asking where and how do lines of poetry live in our worlds. Participants should bring paper and pen.